Want to book a massage??

If you would like to book an in home massage and see me for your massage needs all you need to do is click this button and it will take you to a page, on that page is an application for you to download and you can register for free so you can book appointments at your own convenience!


Book a massage same day or in advance. I offer 30 minute appointments all the way up to 2 hour appointments. You can get a relaxation massage or a deep tissue massage, either way I will take wonderful care of you. You can also add on hot stones, essential oils, foot scrubs, and facials onto your massage. Thank you for visiting my page and I hope to see you soon!

Click here to view all of my appointment times :

Click here to view all of the services I offer :

Click here to view my gift cards:

When you decide what service(s) you would like to book and when you would like to book you can call me directly at (629)207-9041 or if you would like to be able to book appointments yourself and be able to look at all of my business information you can click on this link to download an application called MindBody and on there you can create your very own free account and you will be able to do anything service, gift card, and appointment wise:

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